Reid Cobb

Reid Cobb is from Charleston, South Carolina, and is a senior at Elon University. While attending Elon, he has been studying Media Analytics, with Political Science as a minor. Throughout his time there, he has held the role of Secretary of Model United Nations and has been apart of Elon News Network and Live Oak Communications as a media analyst. During the summer of 2018, he interned in New York City with The Spark Group as a Digital Analyst Intern, gaining experience with search engine optimization, keyword strategy and digital analytics platforms.

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What is Media Analytics?

"Media analytics measures the success of news, information, persuasive messages and entertainment in reaching and interacting with their intended audiences. Students learn to analyze, visualize and make sense of information related to traditional media, websites, social media and mobile media." - Elon University

In short, it's looking at the why behind the what. Every message has an intended audience. In today's world, data can record every action a person makes with digital media. Once the data is collected, it must be analyzed by marketers in order to make strategic decision affecting campaigns. It is not only looking at dashboards and seeing how many likes a post may receive in a given time, but taking that data and asking the question: why?

Not only that, but online marketers can design targeted campaigns to better optimize spending. This can lead to more conversions and impressions on an ad, which can drive higher return on investments. All of this and more falls under the category of media analytics.