I worked at Mediahub in the summer of 2019 as a media analyst intern. I had the opportunity to work with brands such as Royal Caribbean, Harley-Davidson, New Balance, and the Joint Advertising and Marketing Research & Studies Department (Department of Defense). My role included tasks such as producing weekly client deliverables, analyzing ad campaign results, and redesigning dashboards in Tableau and Google Data Studio. Unfortunately not all of that work can be displayed due to confidentiality reasons.

This is the description Mediahub has of themselves on their website:

"Mediahub is a growing global media entity that is built for challenger brands.

Challenger brands are companies disrupting their category and as a result are looking for a media company that is challenging the principles of media.

We are building a modern day company as media becomes more complex and moves at a much faster pace. As a result, we are challenging the definition of a media impression, value of size, the stack and accountability of what to really measure.

And since we are aligned with IPG’s Mediabrands, we are backed with global clout and global intelligence.

If you’re a challenger brand that wants to reinvent how to reach consumers and how to measure success, we are your media shop."


JAMRS Dashboard Rework

This dashboard was originally created in Tableau by the analytics team at Mediahub and I was tasked with transferring it over to Google Data Studio. Note: I did not design or redesign the dashboard, only recreated it on another platform. This helped reduce the reporting time from two weeks to one day because the previous process included manually exporting and cleaning data for SQL and then transferring to tableau rather than importing straight to Google Data Studio from Google Analytics.